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  Olivia Sachets of Hawaii

.Olivia Sachets of Hawaii 

...A unique collection of beautiful Hawaiian themed sachets designed and presented by Olivia Boyd, owner and designer of The Olivia Collection ~ a nationally distributed line of trend-setting, award-winning sachets and boudoir pillows.

Olivia Sachets of Hawaii are scented with Lokelani ~ Heavenly Rose ~ an original fragrance formulated by Olivia and inspired by her Hawaiian heritage.  Nationally recognized for her fragrance and sachet knowledge, Olivia is noted for her sachet collection of orginal essences and formulations.  The fragrant sachet scent is guaranteed to last two years.

Sachets from this superb Collection are an ideal gift.  Fashioned of traditional Hawaiian fabrics and original design fabrics by Olivia, they are a beautiful and lasting remembrance of Hawaii which can be placed in any room, drawer, closet, bag or boudoir.

Hawaiian Tropical Floral Collection

Sachets created from an array of Hawaiian tropical floral fabrics are scented with Lokelani fragrance.

The Heavenly Rose is a cherished island flower.  Traditionally strung into beautiful strands of lei and often intertwined with maile or woven into elegant haku lei, Lokelani is a favorite of Hawaiian brides. 

The Set of Three Sachets from the Tropical Floral Collection is a top seller and displays beautifully with matching travel pillows.


S-3/TR        Set of 3  Lg Sachets (each bag measures 2 ¾ x 4”)
VMS-6/TR    Very Mini Sachet Set of 6 (each bag measure 1 ¾ x 2 ¾”)
S-6/TR        Set of 6 Lg Sachets

Hawaiian Quilt Collection by Olivia

Sachets fashioned from fabrics designed by Olivia depicting eight original Hawaiian Quilt Designs created by Olivia and her daughter, Kristen Kelani.

Each of the original designs was created in tribute to Olivia’s mother, Olivia Haleaka Alapa Schoenke ~ who was of pure Hawaiian ancestry.


S-3/HQ       Set of 3 Lg Sachets (each bag measures 2 ¾ x 4”)
VMS-6/HQ   Very Mini Sachet Set of 6 (each bag measure 1 ¾ x 2 ¾”)
S-6/HQ       Set of 6 Lg Sachets


Mele Kalikimaka ~ Christmas Collection

Sachets in traditional red and green Hawaiian Quilt fabric, and  Holiday red tropicals.  Scented with Hawaiian Holiday Cinnamon Spice Fragrance the scent will last for several years. 


S-3/CH       Set of 3  Lg Sachets (each bag measures 2 ¾ x 4”)
VMS-6/CH   Very Mini Sachet Set of 6 (each bag measure 1 ¾ x 2 ¾”)
S-6/CH       Set of 6 Lg Sachets







Hawaiian Tapa-Like and Ukulele Collection

Our Tapa-Like and Ukulele fabrics are used to create sachets with a traditional look.
Finished with a raffia tie, these sachets are reminiscent of Hawaii’s earlier days.


S-3/T         Set of 3  Lg Sachets (each bag measures 2 ¾ x 4”)
VMS-6/T     Very Mini Sachet Set of 6 (each bag measure 1 ¾ x 2 ¾”)
S-6/T         Set of 6 Lg Sachets

Hawaiian Ipu, Uli Uli and Kukui Collection

Sachets in traditional fabrics and decorated with miniature hula implements – the Ipu
and the Uli Uli ~ and sachets adorned with the kukui nut – traditionally used for
leis, and in ancient Hawaii, as torches and for medicine.


S-3/IPU       Set of 3  Lg Sachets  With Ipu (each bag measures 2 ¾ x 4”)
S-3/ULI       Set of 3  Lg Sachets  With Uli Uli (each bag measures 2 ¾ x 4”)
S-3/KU        Set of 3  Lg Sachets  With Kukui Nut (each bag measures 2 ¾ x 4”)

Accessories for Baby designed by Olivia  are fashioned from original Hawaiian Quilt and Signature Fabrics by Olivia and an array of tropical floral and traditional Hawaiian-themed designs.

All are machine washable and dryable for easy care for Mother.


Comforter, Pillow and Bib Set

The 36” x 42” Comforter is high-loft and quilted.  Ideal as a blanket or to use as an added pad for play yards or anywhere that Baby naps or plays.  The set includes a 9” x 14” pillow and a lightly padded bib. 

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This beautiful comforter set is a favorite with baby and moms alike ~ the perfect  gift and a fond remembrance of Hawaii.

Also available trimmed in two styles of white eyelet lace, the “comforter set with lace” becomes a true keepsake for your favorite Baby Girl.

Tropical Floral ~ Hawaiian Quilt~ Fabrics

 Item #:  Comforter with Pillow & Bib Set 

CS/HQ         Hawaiian Quilt Fabric

CS/TR         Tropical & Traditional Fabrics

CS/HQ-NL     Hawaiian Quilt Fabric with Narrow Lace Trim (1”)
CS/TR-NL     Tropical Pastel Fabric with Narrow Lace Trim (1")

CS/HQ-WL    Hawaiian Quilt Fabric with Wide Lace Trim (3")

CS/TR-WL     Tropical Pastel Fabric with Wide Lace Trim (3")


Bibs for Baby

Mother’s favorite bib for Baby. Lightly padded and designed in Hawaiian Quilt and Assorted Tropical Fabrics.

Item #:


       #BIB          Assorted Hawaiian Quilt and Tropical Fabrics

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